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What You Should Know About CompTIA Certifications

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Does it feel like IT is calling you? The good news is you can choose among the different paths. If you’re a professional in a different field, you can take courses and certifications.

A good example is CompTIA, which will help you land at least an entry-level job. As you learn new skills and gain experience, you can proceed with the other types of training.

The only problem is the path can get confusing. Which course should you take first? How much will it cost you? Do you need to have a college degree to truly make it?

Here are all the answers to your basic questions about CompTIA:

1. Can You Take the Different Courses Simultaneously?

It depends on the course and your experience. In some cases, a course might be a prerequisite for another. Take, for example, CompTIA Network+. For you to take this, you should have completed CompTIA A+. This will also allow you to work as a computer technician, among others.

In some situations, all you need is maybe a working experience, such as when you want to take Cloud+.

2. Does One Course Equal to One Certification?

It’s not the case at all times. A good example is CompTIA A+, which has A+ 901 and 902 objectives. Some call this core 1 and core 2. You need to pass both to get the full certification. It is a good idea then to go through simulations or practice tests to boost your chances of passing.

Note, though, that the names of the courses can change over time. Right now, 901 and 902 are 1001 and 1002, respectively. The modifications reflect the significant changes in IT. For instance, core 1 also covers cloud computing and virtualization, which 901 didn’t include.

3. Does the Course Have an Expiration Date?

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Much has changed in IT, in particular, and tech, in general, especially within the last 20 years. A lot of the information you know today will become obsolete in the next decade.

For this reason, CompTIA encourages you to renew your certification. Usually, you might have to do so within the next three years.

4. What Can One Expect During an Exam?

The coverage for each test can vary, but the process of getting certified is the same.This test will consist of a series of about 90 questions. Some of these will be in a multiple-choice format. The rest can include performing a task. That’s why you have to take the examination in a Pearson testing center.

Fortunately, you can find this center in many countries. You can also process your payments online. If you’re lucky, you can take advantage of a promo or coupon code to save money.

IT is one of the most in-demand jobs in the United States. In 2017 and 2018, more than 300,000 new jobs were available. At least 715,000 cybersecurity employees are here.

It’s also one of the most dynamic, which means job descriptions can change quickly. This makes certifications and their renewal valuable. These will help you remain competitive and an asset to your organization.

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