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Questions You Might Have About Becoming a Paralegal

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The decision to become a paralegal can be a significant one in a person’s life. It is not a decision to take lightly. Becoming a paralegal takes commitment and time. You are going to have to attend classes and do coursework, whether you wish to enroll in a physical classroom or get a paralegal certification online. Although the process is straightforward, you are going to need to know answers to certain questions to make the right decisions. Here, we discuss some things you might be wondering about.

What exactly does the work of a paralegal entail?

The work of a paralegal can encompass a wide range of tasks. What they all have in common is that they deal with legal issues. The paralegal’s job is to support lawyers with carrying out their legal work. This can include tasks such as drafting documents, doing background research on legal cases, or interviewing clients and witnesses. As a paralegal, you have to be adept at taking notes, talking to people, organizing materials, and summarizing complex legal cases. Sometimes, you may have to work long hours. But in the end, most people find working as a paralegal highly fulfilling. You can choose to work for a law firm or a company, or you can even choose to do pro bono work.

What are your options for getting certified?

Man holding his diplomaThere are many ways to get a paralegal degree. The most common options are to enroll in year-long certification programs, which will teach you the important skills that you need in the field. You can usually join these programs using your high school diploma. For those who already have a graduate degree, there are programs available that can serve as an add-on. Some people also get associate’s degrees in paralegal studies for which you have to ensure a full-time commitment. Generally, people with bachelor’s degrees in legal studies can also work as paralegals. You can take an exam for certification, following which your chances of landing the job of your dreams are higher.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the degree depends on what type of degree you are getting. In general, an associate’s degree is more expensive than getting a certification course or taking classes in paralegal studies. An associate’s degree can cost you upwards of 10,000 dollars. A bachelor’s degree is the most expensive degree you can get, with each degree costing anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 dollars. It is possible to get your certification for much cheaper if you do part-time courses or take classes online. You can expect to pay between 3,000 to 5,000 dollars.

What is the paralegal job search like?

Most paralegals end up getting their jobs from their internship placements. But the paralegal job search, along with all other types of job searches, requires patience and skills. It is really important to build networks with law firms and put yourself out there to be able to find a good job.

Many people consider paralegal degrees to be worthwhile investments. It is a segue into the world of law, which can be exciting and consequential. With these questions answered, you can go forward and make your decision about this career path.

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