Why You Should Reconnect with Old Friends

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Quality friendships keep us physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy as we go through the different stages of life. They leave lasting impacts on us even when we may no longer communicate with them as much as we used to. And while establishing new relationships is important, nothing can replace the feeling of being in touch with an old friend.

Here are a few reasons you should reconnect with old friends:

The Experience Is Nostalgic

Talking to friends you’ve made when you were younger gives you a chance to relive the memories you’ve made together. You’ll both gain a sense of nostalgia and remind you of the wonder, excitement, and happiness you’ve had from your childhood when you were growing up. At the very least, it’ll make you smile at the moment.

It’s an Opportunity for Reconnection

Recall all the friends you’ve lost in touch with throughout the years. This could have been because you went to different schools or colleges, got busy with work or family life, or even moved to a different city. Sometimes, friends drift apart simply because you no longer share the same interests.

Try calling an old friend to learn about what they’re currently focusing on. There’s a chance that you may have unknowingly developed the same hobbies throughout the years. This can easily help you rekindle and continue your friendship.

It Promotes Self-reflection

Your friends directly influence who you are and who you will become, regardless of your age and life stage. Knowing this, reconnecting with old friends can help you learn more about who you once were. Take it as an opportunity to understand better all the choices you’ve made that led you to this exact moment.

You might conclude that you’ve outgrown these connections for good. Other times, you might realize that your bond is stronger than any obstacles you may encounter. Either way, you will experience a sense of growth that allows you to better judge your own and another person’s overall character.

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You See Different Perspectives

Reconnecting with friends you haven’t talked to in years can be a fascinating experience. What you could plan as a simple conversation while you grab coffee could become a way to hear about each other’s journeys. It gives you a chance to step into another person’s shoes for a moment and see the world from the point of view that’s completely different from your own. This could even spark brand new and inspiring ideas you can pursue in your own life.

They Understand You

In most cases, old friends are more likely to understand you than the new connections you’ve made. This gives them the upper hand and the ability to be straightforward with you when you need another person’s opinion.

More often than not, they have your best interests in mind. They are more likely to support you if, for instance, you want to start a business. Suppose you must learn about the legal ins and outs of the management, such as the business permits and the employment mediation law. They can support you throughout the learning process.

They also have a better understanding of your personality and family dynamic. That may come in handy when you need someone who will listen to you that isn’t from your own bloodline.

You Have Learning Opportunities

Each of your friend groups comes with unique lessons. Young adult friendships, often formed in college, help you mature in more ways than one. Reuniting with them may bring you back to the times you’ve shared your dreams and doubts about the future or comforted one another after a rough time. Both of you may find relief in the fact that you were (and can once again be) a source of social support for each other.

Best friends you’ve made in high school teach you how to build strong connections and support systems with people outside your family. Reconnecting with these individuals will let you know just how critical this kind of connection can be for your mental health.

Looking back at the first sets of friends you’ve made can help you navigate the hardships of parenthood. It reminds you that childhood friendships teach your kids the right emotional and social skills. It also gives them the feeling of belongingness, which can deeply affect their behavior.

Getting in Touch with Old Friends

Don’t be afraid to reach out to old close friends you haven’t gotten in contact with for a while. Oftentimes, they’ll be just as happy to talk to you. Pick up a phone and leave them a message or call them today.

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