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Calling All Music Lovers: Here Are Four Perfect Careers for You

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Many parents get disappointed when their kids want to pursue music at a young age because it’s not a traditional career path. Like the stereotypical starving artists, a parent’s immediate thought is that anyone who pursues a creative path won’t become successful or earn enough money to make a living.

But the music industry is home to passionate artists, writers, musicians, and producers who work hard to bring color to the world. It may take time before they reap the rewards of all their hard work, but that doesn’t make their efforts futile. Some might even say that hardship is part of the process of achieving success.

This might not be the best argument to give someone who believes that there is no money in music and the arts, but can the same not be said for all jobs? At least, when a music-lover decides to pursue music, they get to do what they love even if it’s hard. Besides, not everyone who has a corporate job is happy with what they do.

So, if you want a career path that will allow you to do what you’re passionate about, then, by all means, go ahead. Money and fame shouldn’t be your only markers for success; happiness and contentment should be among them. Here are four career paths that are perfect for a virtuoso:

Be a Music Teacher

If you want to be able to share your love for music with kids and aspiring musicians, then you can become a teacher. Through this opportunity, you can share your valuable knowledge with those who are musically inclined and help them reach their dreams.

A good way to start a business in this line of work is by offering instrumental classes. For instance, if you know your way around the violin, then you can offer violin lessons to those who want to learn the art. But it can also be for any other instrument that you can play and teach to others.

Becoming a teacher who can directly influence their students to spread goodness is one of the most rewarding careers in life. If you enjoy teaching children about music and how it can change lives, then you should be the best music teacher that you can be.

Join a Band

If you want to write your own music and perform it in front of a live audience, then you can either form or join a band. As an adult, you no longer have to face the wrath of your parents who might have discouraged you from joining a band because it will lead you astray.

But at this point, it’s safe to say that their diversion tactics have failed because here you are again, debating whether to start or join a band. It might be frightening because some bands can never make it past local concert scenes, but it would be scarier if you don’t even try.

Being a part of a band means that you get to dream the impossible dream with those who share your sentiments. You will be part of a group that faces hardships and celebrates important milestones together. Plus, you will be doing what you love the most — sharing your love for music with the world.

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Apply for the Symphony Orchestra

If you prefer to perform music without the lyrics, then you can apply to join the national symphony orchestra. Becoming an orchestra musician is a dream come true for many classical music enthusiasts because they can perform concerts in front of thousands of people all year round.

This might be a more competitive avenue to start your music career, but once you’re through the auditions, you will no longer have to worry about the next step. However, it might be harder to enter the national symphony orchestra if you don’t have prior experience.

In this case, you can join local orchestras in your state to get enough experience and to get the attention of those in the national orchestra. This is because the auditions to join the national symphony orchestra only happen by invitation and when a position becomes available.

Try to Make It as an Artist

If you want to share your music with the world, then you can try to make it as a solo artist. But this won’t happen unless you show exemplary performances to get scouted by music companies. Or you can take the matters into your own hands by hitting up every audition and talent hunt that you see.

As a sideline, you can also perform at local establishments so that you can build your brand and share your music without a big company to back you up. This might be more difficult to do as a full-time career, which means that this can’t be your sole source of income.

Money should never be your only motivation because once it’s gone, you might lose your drive too. This means that your motivation should come from within—from your soul. Pursuing your passion is always risky because there’s no guarantee that you can put food on the table tomorrow, but it can be very rewarding once the fruits of your labor ripen.

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