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How to Buy a Home if You’re Always Busy

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Buying a home is often a painstaking process. It can take several weeks at the very least, but it usually takes a couple of months for most home buyers. Of course, you don’t spend the entire time looking for homes, applying for mortgages, and negotiating with sellers. However, you have to clear up your schedule for most of the things you have to do when buying a home.

But what if you’re busy with the million and one responsibilities that you have to take care of? If you’re a very busy person with little time to spare, you can still go through the home buying process with as little hassle as possible. You have to make use of several strategies that can make the process easier and less time-consuming:

  1. Apply for a home loan first
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Looking for a lender with the best mortgage rates is the first thing you should do when buying a home—not looking for a house nor a realtor. By getting pre-approved ahead of time, you can readily make an offer once you come across a prospective home. You don’t have to wait for a pre-approval letter nor waste your time on a house that you may not afford in the first place.

If you don’t have adequate knowledge about home loans yet, we suggest doing due diligence before looking for mortgage lenders in your area. Research the different types of home loans, the pre-approval process, and what you can do once you are pre-approved. It’s also a good idea to ask co-workers or other people you know that have bought a house; they can help educate you about what to expect when you start the mortgage application process.

  1. Find a good realtor

The realtor you hire should be able to do things for you when you’re not available. More importantly, they should be a realtor that you can trust to keep your best interests at heart. While it’s probably not wise to let your realtor take care of everything, it’s better to have a realtor capable of working for someone with a busy schedule and staying on top of everything with ease.

Furthermore, set expectations with your realtor. Tell them that you are a busy person, and you may not always be available for contact. This way, they know when to call and what kind of schedule you have and will better serve you.

  1. Browse online listings during your free time
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Even if your daily schedule is packed, you probably have enough time between activities to browse your phone. But instead of going on social media, check out real estate websites for prospective properties in your intended location. With the technology that we have today, looking for a house is as easy as browsing for clothes online. You get to see the description, the specifications, information on the seller, and the prices of the homes. You can even add potential properties to your favorites list so that you can narrow down your choices better.

Your realtor will also probably look for houses on your behalf, but it won’t hurt to check out a few listings on your own.

  1. Leverage virtual tours

Virtual technology has developed so far that we can now view houses as if we are really there. Many home sellers are leveraging this tech to include virtual tours on their listings, while some are even offering guided tours to make the experience more immersive. That said, you don’t have to rely solely on pictures anymore to see what a property is all about.

If you’re a busy person, then this technology is even more useful for you. If you can’t make time to visit a property in person, especially if it’s far away, you can view virtual tours to “see” the house as if you’re there.

  1. Video conference with other parties

One of the biggest things that the pandemic has taught us is that online communication can be just as effective as in-person communication. That said, it is now perfectly acceptable—and even preferred—to hold meetings through video conference instead of in-person. This way, you can discuss with mortgage lenders, your realtor, and home sellers effectively without leaving your house and driving to different locations.

If you don’t have time to go through the traditional route of home buying, these strategies are for you. And while you are saving time by applying them, ensure that you make time for the most important parts of the process.

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