Can NASA’s Opportunity Rover Battle The Massive Dust Storm on Mars?


A massive dust storm is rattling Mars now where NASA’s Opportunity rover is currently positioned. The storm has to force to cut off the connection between the space bot and the Earth not just temporarily but permanently. The reason is that the dust layer is so thick that the Sun is not visible from the surface of Mars. Due to this, Opportunity rover’s solar panels are not getting any light to charge the internal battery. It is a case of hope for the Engineers at NASA who are keeping a close eye on the unexpected weather condition. They are not entirely sure whether the rover will make it through and function appropriately once the dust storm settles. 

The Good and The Bad News – 

The good news is that NASA’s Opportunity landed on the red planet in January 2004 and it has been lasting on the surface for 14 long years. In this period, it has gone through several