According to the inside sources of the NASA’s JUNO mission, the space shuttle that has been exploring Jupiter since 5 July,2015 is most likely to get an extension for three years. 

Fir the past two years, the spacecraft has been greatly helpful for scientists in understanding the conditions of the planet. JUNO has sent some terrific data of the planet’s elusive core and huge storms and cloud bands.

The research team planned the destruction of this shuttle sometimes after this July by crashing it into the clouds of the giant planet. But in order to keep the icy moon of the planet safe from any earthly microbes, the team decided to end the mission in a planned manner. Europa, Jupiter’s icy moon is considered fit to sustain life as the moon’s ocean holds two times more water than Earth.

But now, since the demise of the spacecraft has been moved forward to minimum three years most probably to July 2021,