SpaceX launches five Iridium satellites and twin science spacecraft


Space X has recently launched 5 Iridium next satellites for German Research center for GeoScience and NASA on May 22nd. The last attempt was made by the same vehicle for a significant launch in January, and it was a big failure. This was the final mission of Falcon 9.

It launched the first satellite into its orbit after 11 minutes after being launched and within the 65 minute period; all the satellites were initiated by the spacecraft at their mean position. The satellites launched through this rocket was planned to be launched through the separate missions. However, the same was canceled due to the cancellation of missions by Russia.

The launch of these satellites through the Falcon 9 has split the cost between GFZ and the NASA. Iridium has been known to spend a considerable sum of money on the Iridium Next satellites, and it has been said that it was the highly expensive mission by them till date.