Coconut Derived Emollients Market Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2024

Emollients are compounds that help to improve skin appearance. It assists the skin’s ability to retain moisture and promote quicker recovery of skin damage. Emollients utilize fats and lipids which establishes a protective barrier on the skin surface, hence smoothening the outer layer of skin. Emollients are very important in the treatment of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Emollients helps to reduce skin evaporation, ultimately results increasing skin hydration.

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Emollients are applied directly to manage dry or scaly skin conditions, and they are also used in almost all skin care products. There are different varieties of emollients used for specific skin conditions and types. An emollient is a humectant, occlude and lubricant. A humectant enhances the surface to increase skin’s capacity to hold water. Occlusion provides an oily layer on skin’s surface, to slow down water loss. A lubricant reduces the friction to avoid skin damage from any rubs or scratch. Apart from coconut, emollients are also derived from other nature sources like shea butter, cocoa, canola, mango, grape seed, sesame seed, jojoba oil, illipe, olive oil etc.

The global market demand for cosmetics derived from natural products is rapidly growing, skin care is largest and fasted growing product segment in cosmetic industry. Growth in global market for natural product based cosmetics, has fueled demand for coconut derived emollients.

Europe is the major market by volume as well as value where U.S has prominent market shares. Asia pacific has high market potential due to growing cosmetic care industries in emerging economies like China and India. Japan also poses high potential for natural emollients as expanding economy.

The boom in the cosmetic industry for natural emollients has led to various opportunities for natural coconut derived emollient market. Increase consciousness about personal appearance and use of different body care products and improved standard of living in the emerging economies like India, China and Japan are fueling the market growth of natural emollients. Rising demand for natural substance based emollients is further expected to drive the market demand in the near future.

Organic growth in cosmetic industry, increasing market demand for multifunctional and natural ingredients are some of the market drivers for coconut based emollients. Emollients market value growth is expected to be surge due to consumer inclination towards more expensive personal care products. Also the growth of skin care segment in specialized products for men skin care, baby care and women skin care is also prominent market growth driver.

Croda international Plc, Lonza group Ltd, Innospec, Cognis, Lubrizol Corporation, Stepan Company, Ashland Inc, BASF SE, and others are market players in natural coconut derived emollients. Amongst these market players Croda and Cognis are leading players in the market.