Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2017-2027

Fatty alcohols are artificially prepared with chemical compounds derived from plant and animal fats. Fatty alcohols are oily liquids named as oleochemicals as they produce from natural oil and fats like vegetable oils and waxes. Fatty alcohol is likewise derived from petrochemicals by synthetically processing ethylene. Lauryl myristyl alcohol is originated from South Africa. Lauryl myristyl alcohol is a type of fatty alcohol which is a form of the combination of C12 and C14 that is lauryl and myristyl. Lauryl myristyl alcohol is also known as DodecanolTetradecanol. The chemical formula of lauryl myristyl alcohol is C26H54O, and the molecular weight is 186.3368. Laurel myristyl alcohol is colorless liquid and has a mild odor and decomposes when subjected to excessive heat. The life span of Laurel myristyl alcohol is one year from its date of manufacturing. The Lauryl myristyl alcohol has extensive uses in several industries including food, cosmetic, automotive, textile, and chemical industries. Moreover, Lauryl Alcohol is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of surfactants.

Global Lauryl myristyl alcohol: Market Dynamics:

Global lauryl myristyl market alcohol is driven by rising chemical and manufacturing industries. The wide range of application in various industries leads to increase the demand for lauryl myristyl alcohol. The consumers are using more of personal care products which further leads to increase in usage lauryl myristyl alcohol in cosmetics. Macroeconomic factors such as increasing disposable income, literacy rate, the rapid rate of urbanization, and change in lifestyle also lead to the growth of lauryl myristyl alcohol market. The lauryl myristyl alcohol causes corrosive of ingestion, irritation to skin and eye contact, inhalation problem. Severe overexposure can cause death leads to restraining the growth of the market.

Based on uses, the global Lauryl myristyl alcohol market is segmented into: Surfactants and Easters, Lubricants and Greases, Personal Care, Soaps and Detergents, Metal cleaners, Pulp and Paper Processing; Based on packaging, the global Lauryl myristyl alcohol market is segmented into: Drums, Liquid Bulks, Bags; Based on grades and forms, the global Lauryl myristyl alcohol market is segmented into: Kosher, NF, Pastilles; Based on end-use industry, the global Lauryl myristyl alcohol market is segmented into: Cosmetics Industry, Chemical Industry, Automotive Industry, Textile Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Ceramics industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Construction Industry; Based on Product type, the global Lauryl myristyl alcohol market is segmented into: Additives, Chemicals, Metallic Stearates, Oleochemicals, Pigments, Polymers, PVC Heat Stabilizers, Titanium Dioxide; Based on Agent, the global Lauryl myristyl alcohol is segmented into: Emulsion, Stabilizer, Thickener; Based on the region, the global Lauryl myristyl alcohol market is segmented into: North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, The Middle East and Africa

The global Lauryl myristyl alcohol is segmented into seven regions includes North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Japan and The Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing Lauryl myristyl alcohol regional market. Moreover, the Asia Pacific and Japan has shown the growth in Lauryl myristyl alcohol market owing to rise in demand for the food and cosmetic industry in the region. European Lauryl myristyl alcohols market is expected to decline share to high growth in areas such as Asia Pacific and Latin America. The uncertain economic circumstance in the region combined with declining growth in the main downstream industries is relied upon to have an adversely affect the Lauryl myristyl alcohols market. North America Lauryl myristyl alcohols market is foreseen to witness average growth over the anticipated period due to expanding the bio-based product.

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The prominent key players of the global Lauryl myristyl alcohol are: VVF L.L.C, P&G Chemicals, Lubrizol Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, Eco green Oleochemicals , Croda International Plc.